Pasta, Rice & Grains

We Have a Wide Selection of Pasta, Rice & Grains

At Heritage Meats Gourmet we have several varieties and brands of Pasta, Rice and Grain products. 

Below are a list of some of these products we carry:

Pasta & Rice:
Rusticella D'Abruzzo (20 varieties)
Farmer's Gold (broad, fine, Spaetzle)

Brand: De Cecco
Brand: Ruma

Brand: Lundberg Rice
- Long grain
- Brown
- Basmati

Brand: Italissima Arborio Rice

Brand: Eden Organics
- Quinio
- Red Quinio
- Millet
- Oat Flakes
- Rye Flakes
- Spelt Flakes

Brand: Anita's Organic Mills
- Multigrain
- Cake & Pastry
- Whole Wheat Flour
- Pastry Flour
- Type OO White Pizza Flou