Locally Raised Pork

Proud to Support Local and Serve Fresh!

Heritage Meats is proud to support locally raised pork farmers.

Non-Medicated Pork

  • Raised locally in the Fraser Valley
  • Bedded on sawdust
  • Freedom to run and root
  • Supports the 100 mile diet Quality Pork Products
  • Feed custom made on the farm
  • No animal meat by-products
  • No theraputic antibiotic treatment
  • No growth hormones *as per Canadian regulations
  • Animal Care Assurance Certified
  • Canadian Quality Assurance Certified
  • Government Inspected

From Behind The Counter

Fresh Organic Pork Products Include: 

  • Non-medicated Pork
  • Non-medicated Ham and Bacon

Exotic Wild Game:

  • Wild Boar
Fresh Bacon at Heritage Meats Gourmet
Fresh Bacon at Heritage Meats Gourmet